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Journal of Sugarcane Research

Volume 3 No 2 July 2013


Status of sugarcane wilt: One hundred years after its occurrence in India
R. Viswanathan |PDF|

Research Articles

Molecular fingerprinting of recently notified sugarcane (Saccharum L.) varieties using STMS markers
G. Hemaprabha, P.J. Priji and T.S. Sarath Padmanabhan |PDF|

Genic SSRS from Saccharum officinarum in WRKY and stress transcription factors to use them as markers in sugarcane
R.M. Shanthi, Ravinder Kumar, Padma Nimmakayala and O.U.K.Reddy |PDF|

Sustainability of sugarcane productivity in a long-term organic production system vis-à-vis conventional system
K. Sivaraman, J. Srikanth, K. Hari, P. Rakkiyappan, C. Sankaranarayanan, A. Ramesh Sundar, N. Somasekhar, B. Sundara, S. Asokan and S.D. Chandrasekhar |PDF|

Prospecting for scarabid specific Bacillus thuringiensis crystal toxin cry8 gene in sugarcane ecosystem of Tamil Nadu, India
B. Singaravelu, N. Crickmore, J. Srikanth, K. Hari, C. Sankaranarayanan, R. Nirmala, S. Radesh Krishnan and M. Meghna |PDF|

From manual to mechanical harvesting in sugarcane: Social implications
T. Rajula Shanthy, P. William Antony and C. Karpagam |PDF|

Decadal prospects of global sugar trade – An empirical analysis
P. Murali and N.V. Nair |PDF|

Short Communication

Co 99006 - an early season sugarcane variety for north western Tamil Nadu
P. Parasuraman, M. Jayachandran, C. Appunu and A. Anna Durai |PDF|

New Varieties

Co 05009 (Karan 10) |PDF|

Genetic Stock

SBI 1148-11-13-2-255 (INGR13071), a fourth generation self of Co 1148 improved for sucrose content and red rot resistance |PDF|

Journal of Sugarcane Research

Volume 3 No 1 Jan 2013


Research Articles

An assessment of high temperature tolerance potential of elite genotypes of sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) evaluated in the peninsular zone of India
G. Hemaprabha, S.P. Adhini, T.S. Sarath, S. Alarmelu and R.M. Shanthi |PDF|

Sugar accumulation pattern in tropical and subtropical sugarcane varieties of different maturity groups
K. Chandran and M.N. Premachandran |PDF|

Identification of microsatellite markers for high fibre content in sugarcane
L. Nivetha, N.V. Nair, P.T. Prathima and A. Selvi |PDF|

Production and characterization of sugarcane juice powder
K. Hari, S. Reginold Jebitta and K. Sivaraman |PDF|

Performance evaluation of self-propelled sugarcane harvester
Vaibhav Suryawanshi, Surinder Singh Thakur and Sushil Sharma |PDF|

Elevated hybridizationplatforms: an improved method for sugarcane hybridization
N.V. Nair, P. Govindaraj, S.J.K. Annamalai and Ravindra Naik |PDF|

Pest scenario in long-term organic and conventional sugarcane production systems
J. Srikanth, K. Sivaraman, N.K. Kurup, S.D. Chandrasekhar, B. Sundara, P. Rakkiyappan, K. Hari, A. Ramesh Sundar and C. Sankaranarayanan |PDF|

Bio-management of root knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica in sugarcane by combined application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and nematophagous fungi
C. Sankaranarayanan and K. Hari |PDF|

Analysis of means (ANOM) – a statistical method for better visualization of results of multi-environment trial data of varieties
R. Balakrishnan |PDF|

Short Communication

Effects of seed rate, sett size and seed treatment on spring planted sugarcane
Kuldeep Singh, Kulvir Singh and Sanjay Kumar |PDF|

New Varieties

Co 06027: A midlate variety for Peninsular zone
Co 06030: A midlate variety for East coast zone |PDF|

Genetic Stock

CYM 08-903, A sugarcane hybrid with Erianthus cytoplasm (IC0594482; INGR13019)

Journal of Sugarcane Research

Vol 4 No 2 Jul 2014



Sugarcane root borer Polyocha depressella Swinhoe: An overview
J. Srikanth, R. Jayanthi and K.P. Salin |PDF|

Research Articles

Cloning and characterization of a differentially regulated invertase inhibitor gene during sucrose accumulation in sugarcane
P.T. Prathima, T.V. Suparna, S. Anishma, R. Punnya and K. Ramalashmi |PDF|

Assessment of pollen fertility, cane yield and ethanol content in sugarcane progenies developed by the modified polycross method
G. Olaoye, J.O. Olaoye, F.O. Takim, A.M. Idris and F. Bankole |PDF|

Co 0212 - A promising midlate maturing sugarcane clone suitable for different agro-climatic regions of Tamil Nadu
C. Appunu, A. Anna Durai, Ravinder Kumar, G. Hemaprabha, S. Alarmelu, M. N. Premachandran, C. Mahadevaiah, P. Parasuraman, M. Jayachandran, S. Pannerselvam and B. Rajendran |PDF|

Constraints and opportunities in sugarcane ratoon management - A performance analysis
T. Rajula Shanthy, A. Bhaskaran and R. Boobalan |PDF|

Total factor productivity growth in sugarcane crop of Maharashtra state
D.J. Sanap, S.S. More and N.R. Bonkalwar |PDF|

Forecasting production of sugarcane in India using ARIMA models
K. Prakash and B. Muniyandi |PDF|

Short Communications

Presence of six drought responsive candidate genes in tolerant and susceptible sugarcane varieties
M. Roshni, T.S. Sarath Padmanabhan and G. Hemaprabha |PDF|

Variability studies in the interspecific hybrids of sugarcane derived with different cytotypes of Saccharum spontaneum. L.
A. Suganya, R. Nithiyanantham and Andriya Sathish |PDF|

Germplasm Registration

SBI 2007-291: A short duration clone registered with NBPGR as (INGR No. 14011)
G. Hemaprabha, R.M. Shanthi and K. Mohanraj |PDF|

Journal of Sugarcane Research

Vol 4 No 1 Jul 2014



Challenges and opportunities in sugarcane cultivation under climate change scenario
A. Bhaskaran and N.V. Nair |PDF|

Research Articles

Development and evaluation of backcross progenies of improved Saccharum spp. for yield and quality traits
S. Alarmelu, R. Nagarajan, R.M. Shanthi, G. Hemaprabha and N.V. Nair |PDF|

Cytogenetics and performance analysis of pre-breeding hybrids of Saccharum officinarum and Saccharum spontaneum
V.P. Sobhakumari and Asmita Dutta |PDF|

Cytological studies on Saccharum spontaneum L. from Andhra Pradesh, India
M. Praneetha and N.V. Nair |PDF|

Evaluation of back cross progenies of intergeneric hybrids involving Erianthus arundinaceus for developing sugarcane varieties with diverse genetic base
K. Mohanraj and N.V. Nair |PDF|

Mapping sugarcane Yellow Leaf Disease affected area using remote sensing technique
C. Palaniswami, R. Viswanathan, A. Bhaskaran, P. Rakkiyappan and P. Gopalasundaram |PDF|

Sudden occurrence of wilt and pokkahboeng in sugarcane and status of resistance in the parental clones in national hybridization garden to these diseases
R. Viswanathan, P. Malathi, A. Annadurai, C. Naveen Prasanth, and M. Scindiya |PDF|

Short Communications

Effect of propagule trimming on shoot multiplication rate in sugarcane micropropagation
Swapanil Yadav, Aquil Ahmad, Jyoti Rastogi and Madan Lal |PDF|

Response of sugarcane to plant geometry and irrigation methods in southern agro - climatic zone of Andhra Pradesh
N.V. Sarala, M. Subba Rao, M. Hemanth Kumar and K.V. Nagamadhuri |PDF|

Pattern of pink stem borer Sesamia inferens (Walker) incidence in different crop seasons and Saccharum spp.
P. Mahesh, J. Srikanth and K. Chandran |PDF|

Knowledge level of tribal farmers on sugarcane production technologies
R.K. Tiwari and P.K. Jaiswal |PDF|

Events at Sugarcane Breeding Institute - June 2016

  1. June 21,2016: International Yoga day was celebrated


International Symposium on Sugarcane Research (Sucrosym 2017) First Circular

Cost-saving sugarcane seedling transplanter (Source: The Times of India - Coimbatore, May 23, 2017)

New Transplanter developed for sugarcane (Source: The Indian Express - Coimbatore, May 23, 2017)

Agriculture Scientist Dr. Bakshi Ram has been honoured by Dr. Sanjeev kumar Balyan, MoS, Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation

Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI felicitated for his contributions in improving farmers’ income and sugar recovery through the variety Co 0238.

UP Sugar Output hits all-time record

Ganne Ki Kheti Mein Ab to 38-38 Ho Ri

Sugarcane farmers opt for drought-tolerant varieties

Doubling the farmer’s income by March, 2022-Action Plan meeting of Tamil Nadu state Coordination committee held on 27th March,2017 at Conference Hall, State Planning Commission, Chennai .

Best farmers award for Mr Gyan Ghai a farmer associated with ICAR- SBI Regional Centre, Karnal

Sugarcane Breeding Institute gets award for two predominant varieties

Sugarcane Breeding Institute's two cane varieties recognised

" The Wonder Variety Co 0238 was evolved under the leadership of Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI at Regional center,Karnal is doing wonders in subtropical India (UP)."

"Co 0238 in Farmer Shri. Umesh field in Muzaffarnagar,Uttar Pradesh"

"Ganna Prakash - Hindi magazine"

"Hand Book Identification of Promising Sugarcane Clones"

"Success story (100tons/acre) YLD free Co 86032"

Advisories to mitigate the impact of drought in sugarcane

Yield potential of Co 0238 in UP(Source: Hindustan, Lucknow)

Draft Proforma for Varietal Identification

Draft Proforma for Variety Release Notification

Release of New publication

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