Co 06022

Varietal features

Parentage: GU 92275 X Co 86249
Maturity: Early
Details of the variety: Identified for State Release in 2018. Co 06022 is an early maturing clone selected from the cross GU 92275 X Co 86249. One of the parents in the cross is GU 92275 which is a distant hybrid between IND 90-776 and Co 775 with high yield and vigour. The clone combined the traits of both the parents and promises high yield and quality with tolerance to drought. This clone was identified from ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore during 2006 and evaluated in the Adaptive Research Trials at 18 locations in Tamil Nadu during 2014-16. In the ART, the variety recorded significantly higher cane yield (135.8 t ha-1), sugar yield (17.68 t ha-1)and CCS% (13.10) than the early checksCoC 24 and TNAUSi 7. It recorded 13.03 and 9.53 per cent improvement in yield over the checks TNAU Si7 (120.1 t ha-1) and CoC 24 (124.0 t ha-1) respectively in a total of 54 trials. It has also shown an improvement of 13.99% and 13.41% for sugar yield respectively compared to the checks TNAU Si7 (15.51 t ha-1) and CoC 24 (15.59 t ha-1).This variety is moderately resistant to red rot and also tolerant to drought. It is produces A1 quality jaggery of golden yellow colour. Based on the performance at different locations in Tamil Nadu for cane yield and sugar yield, tolerant to drought and red rot, Co 06022 was released as an early variety by State Variety Release Committee for commercial exploitation during 2017-18. This variety would diversify genetic base for cane and sugar yield and could increase the productivity in the normal as well as drought prone areas of the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry..
Distinguishing morphological features: Co 06022 has the ideal plant characters of erect plant type, thick canes with excellent field stand.Semi drooping leaf carriage, cylindrical canes with slightly zigzag canes with greenish root zone.Light browning green dewlap, without spines, ligular process absent on one side and short lancelolate to transitional on another side.

Journal of Sugarcane Research

Volume 1 No 1 Jun 2011


Review Papers

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Research Papers

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Short Communications

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Events at Sugarcane Breeding Institute - June 2016

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  2. May 16, 2016: Swacchta Bharat Pledge was taken by all staff
  3. April 21-22,2016: VII Training program for Sugarcane farmers under Farmer Support program for sugarcane farmers


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