A Society by name, "Society for Sugarcane Research and Development" has been constituted with effect from March 18, 2011, with the Head Quarters at Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore.

The main objective of the Society shall be to advance the sugarcane agriculture and research on all aspects that are listed below:
  1. To promote sugarcane research and development activities in the country
  2. To promote dissemination of scientific knowledge related to sugarcane by holding national and international symposia / seminar periodically
  3. To promote scientific communication in sugarcane by publishing a journal. The journal will be known by the name 'Journal of Sugarcane Research'
  4. To create a platform for sugarcane research and development workers to interact on issues related to sugarcane agriculture and sugar industry
  5. To promote excellence in sugarcane research and development through awards, fellowships, research grants, travel grants to attend symposia, etc.

The detailed by-laws of the Society are provided in this link

The list of officer-bearers of the Society is provided in this link

The Application for membership to the Society of Sugarcane Research and Development can be downloaded at this link




गन्ने ने किसानों को बनाया आत्मनिर्भर : बक्शी राम (Source: जागरण संवाददाता, करनाल)"

World Soil Day was celebrated on 05.12.2018 in a farmer’s field at Vairamangam, Erode District."

"Updated Advisory for fall armyworm attack in sugarcane"

DG, ICAR inaugurates the XII ISSCT International Workshop at Coimbatore

Mobile-App "Cane Adviser" on Sugarcane for Cane growers and millers launched.

" Certificates of Variety Registration (Co 0118,Co 0237,Co 0403,Co 05011) ”

" Plant Variety Registration - Varieities registered ”

''Vacancy Announcements ”

''भा.कृ.अनु.प - गन्ना प्रजनन संस्थान क्षेत्रीय केन्द्र , करनाल - कार्यवाही विवरण।/ सारांश ”

Mobile-App "Cane Adviser" on Sugarcane for Cane growers and millers developed.

Twenty new sugarcane varieties undergoing field trials

UP becomes largest sugarcane producer with 87 lakh tonnes sugar

Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI felicitated for his contributions in improving farmers’ income and sugar recovery through the variety Co 0238.

UP Sugar Output hits all-time record

Ganne Ki Kheti Mein Ab to 38-38 Ho Ri

Sugarcane farmers opt for drought-tolerant varieties

Sugarcane Breeding Institute gets award for two predominant varieties

Sugarcane Breeding Institute's two cane varieties recognised

" The Wonder Variety Co 0238 was evolved under the leadership of Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI at Regional center,Karnal is doing wonders in subtropical India (UP)."

"Ganna Prakash - Hindi magazine"

"Success story (100tons/acre) YLD free Co 86032"

Advisories to mitigate the impact of drought in sugarcane

Yield potential of Co 0238 in UP(Source: Hindustan, Lucknow)

Release of New publication

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