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Sugarcane Breeding Institute has filed for patents for the following technologies:

  1. Method for preparation of spray-dried sugarcane juice
  2. SBI water trap (pheromone trap)
  3. In situ rearing of the tachinid parasitoid Sturmiopsis inferns on diet reared sugarcane shoot borer
  4. Improved method of sugarcane micropropagation using Azospirillum and Methylobacterium
  5. Method and composition for preventing phenol pollution and inducing axillary shoots development in sugarcane
  6. Soil moisture indicator
  7. Porteresia ubiquitin derived promoter system and uses thereof
  8. ‘Vacuolar targeting determinants for plants and their uses thereof’ (5384/CHE/2013 dt 21.11.2013). The present disclosure relates to a plant vacuole targeting peptide and polynucleotide molecule that directs the localization of an operably liked gene of interest. A chimeric protein, recombinant vectors, recombinant host cells, transgenic plants, plant cells, tissues, and any part thereof comprising the targeting peptide or polynucleotide molecule are also provided.

The Institute has filed for Design Patents for the following designs:

  1. 4 designs for Soil Moisture Indicator- patents have been awarded for all the four designs
  2. Elevated Runway for Sugarcane Hybridization

Details of the above patents are provided in this document


Swachchhta Pakhwada 2017

Conduct of National Level Training Course on' Scientific Sugarcane Cultivation’ under NFSM- Nominations Solicited

International Symposium on Sugarcane Research (Sucrosym 2017) First Circular

UP becomes largest sugarcane producer with 87 lakh tonnes sugar

Cost-saving sugarcane seedling transplanter (Source: The Times of India - Coimbatore, May 23, 2017)

New Transplanter developed for sugarcane (Source: The Indian Express - Coimbatore, May 23, 2017)

Agriculture Scientist Dr. Bakshi Ram has been honoured by Dr. Sanjeev kumar Balyan, MoS, Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation

Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI felicitated for his contributions in improving farmers’ income and sugar recovery through the variety Co 0238.

UP Sugar Output hits all-time record

Ganne Ki Kheti Mein Ab to 38-38 Ho Ri

Sugarcane farmers opt for drought-tolerant varieties

Doubling the farmer’s income by March, 2022-Action Plan meeting of Tamil Nadu state Coordination committee held on 27th March,2017 at Conference Hall, State Planning Commission, Chennai .

Best farmers award for Mr Gyan Ghai a farmer associated with ICAR- SBI Regional Centre, Karnal

Sugarcane Breeding Institute gets award for two predominant varieties

Sugarcane Breeding Institute's two cane varieties recognised

" The Wonder Variety Co 0238 was evolved under the leadership of Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI at Regional center,Karnal is doing wonders in subtropical India (UP)."

"Co 0238 in Farmer Shri. Umesh field in Muzaffarnagar,Uttar Pradesh"

"Ganna Prakash - Hindi magazine"

"Hand Book Identification of Promising Sugarcane Clones"

"Success story (100tons/acre) YLD free Co 86032"

Advisories to mitigate the impact of drought in sugarcane

Yield potential of Co 0238 in UP(Source: Hindustan, Lucknow)

Draft Proforma for Varietal Identification

Draft Proforma for Variety Release Notification

Release of New publication

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